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Webinar | May 26th, 2020

“Would you recommend teaching with masks and gloves on given the current COVID 19 situation?”
“When dealing with rotation value in 3d K motion, I have a student with little rotational speed. What methods do you recommend to get that higher?”
“Which is the best physical exercise to improve a kinematic sequence?”
“What other qualifications do you recommend golf professionals get to compliment TPI’s courses and philosophies?”
“If I sign up for Lv2 Medical, is my annual membership less? My membership is due soon and I want to know.”
“How are the neuroscience courses coming along at TPI? When will we see course material coming out?”
“What types of golf fitness training can be applied to improving our putting?”
“At the medical level 3 you mention a breathing test of counting how long you can tolerate being in a fully exhaled state and that 25 seconds or more is best. Can you explain this concept more?”
“Do you see a way to do virtual screenings at all? If so, can you take us through what that would look like?”
“What do you recommend to improve distance in a golfer age 60-70 who complains that they have lost distance but still hits the ball well and straight?”
“Is loss of posture treated the same when the player loses height in the backswing? Is it the same drills to fix it? ”
“Please tell me more about the coffee Phil and Dave are involved with!”
“How can I self-check to determine if a player’s clubs are the right length/width?”
“For a player that is hitting lots of blocks to the right or hooks to the left, any suggestions or drills to try that may be on the TPI site?”
“What could be the most likely cause of left-sided lower back pain in a low-handicap, right-handed golfer?”
“What would you suggest to someone experiencing pain in the lower back right QL when left-side bending and disassociating left and right but has good torso rotation, good hip mobility, although shake-and-bakes during pelvic tilt?”
“How do you proceed when you have a hyper-mobile golfer?”
“Any recommendation of books podcasts articles that give good information on course management and strategies?”
“For someone who enjoys standard gym workouts, what is your best advice on working TPI corrections into your workout?”
“I’ve started doing Zoom golf lessons since we are unable to teach in person in Hawaii at this time. Currently private lessons, but want to scale up to live events/groups. What best practices do you recommend?”
“Practice games for elite player? Par 18 is great, but I’m always looking for new challenges for players.”
“What’s your opinion on golfers who also do Crossfit?”
“Do you feel there is a place for post-activation potentiation in golf training at elite level play?”
“What would you recommend to clients if they are trying to set up a golf-specific home gym on a budget?”
“What does the future of golf instruction look like?”
“As a coach, how important is it to be able to do and show all the screens?”
“As a fitness pro, what’s the best way to handle a client’s less-than-optimum compensation given by their golf pro?”
“TPI App question: Is the feature for building an exercise program for a client going to be a standard feature on the general TPI App?”
“Suggestions on how to improve reading and diagnosing Swing Characteristics in 3D Kinematic Sequence Graphs?”
“I have a player that has a slight lower-cross syndrome and experiences back pain. What do you think about him wearing some type of powerlifting belt for heavy lifts?”
“How do you assess safe return to golf levels? What do you recommend are appropriate percentage increases in workload week-by-week?”
“Please discuss on base U 7-11-22 kinematics related to TPI.”
“At what age do you recommend using K-Vest on juniors? After they develop good swing basics?”
“For a higher handicap golfer, greater than a 12 handicap, during a practice session, should they be doing block or random practice? Should they start with block and end with random? What about warming up before a round?”
“Does pain change movement/motor control? Should we avoid exercising into pain?”
“What are some clinical pearls for golfers that are cross dominant (right-hand dominant but swings left-handed)?”
“What are some drills for holding or increasing the wrist hinge on the downswing?”
“Applied Big Break Theory?”
“Before a round, would it be a detriment to swing the heavier or lighter Speed Sticks?”
“Advice for a low handicap player with lower hip left side discomfort?”
“Do you have any measurements for elderly golfers (50-70yo) when doing the Fitness Screen?”
“Golf mechanic tips you’d recommend for a golfer with dual hip labrum FAI repair to put less stress on hips and lumbar spine?”
“Regarding the Super Speed Stick, would you recommend to cycle with training or do it all year round?”

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