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Webinar | Oct 26, 2020

“Best practices for dealing with casting?”
“How do you see the future of golf fitness changing within the next five years?”
“From a medical perspective, how do you approach the evaluation?”
“Can you talk about in-season exercises programming?”
“Newly Lv1 certified. Any advice to help me get my screening and TPI work off and running with my clients?”
“Are you planning on more online courses during COVID?”
“For hookers what’s the best drill for getting the clubface square at impact?”
“I see a few clients at home, but have limited equipment and space. Recommendations?”
“Which test from Lv1 screen and Fitness Lv2 Strength and Power test would you do for a demonstration?”
“How long should it take to complete a screening for a golfer?”
“Are there drills to improve the ability to sequence the chest to fire before the arms?”
“How much side bend versus rotation is there at the top of the backswing?”
“Looking for a pathway SFMA 2 vs Med 3/Fit3?”
“What sorts of corrections do you start with for ankle inversion/eversion problems?”
“Can you discuss ‘flat feet’ and the influence it can have on a swing?”
“What does the ideal gym workout template look like for a TPI client?”
“Please discuss vision training for golf.”
“Any thoughts on the Capto (putting system)?”

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