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Webinar | Aug 27, 2020

“Do you have any suggestions for distance control when practicing putting?”
“How often, if ever, do you incorporate your junior fundamental training with adults?”
“Should performing data analysis be left to the teaching pro, or is it sufficient to understand the data?”
“How would you periodize training routine for a golfer?”
“What is a fun game that I can play against the junior golfers?”
“Can you suggest any golf professionals in northern CA to get the golf swing analyzed?”
“Is the promo code of $200 off for any level 2 online? Is it still available ?”
“Would there be any more Golf 2, seminars open in U.S. locations this year? maybe webinars?”
“Could you discuss why it's important to restore mobility in areas that are stiff /immobile in regards to lack of input to the mechanoreceptors, even if it goes against the principles of the Joint by Joint philosophy (such as with restoring lumbar or foot mobility when these areas are locked up)?”
“Thoughts on early spec. sports, would female athletes benefit more from an athlete first/hybrid model in sports like gymnastics?”
“Depending if your golf signature is “puller” or “pusher” the deceleration sequence looks different! Can you explain that?”
“I live in India. Here there are not many TPI Golf Certified Professionals. How should I market my services (as fitness professional)? What strategies should I use?”
“One of my golfers has had 3 pros tell him his hips are moving too fast. None have made that judgement using BodiTrak or K-Vest technology, or even put postural lines on the video analysis. I think his hips are just out of position (Early Extension). Is it possible to move your hips too fast?”
“I became power 2 (and medical 2) certified this past month, I have my first client/patient (I'm a physical therapist) tomorrow to focus on power, what is the best flow for going through the TPI level 1, medical 2 and power 2 screen?”
“Would you have a minimum age for power and strength testing?”
“In regards to the TPI app, is there a timeframe on the most updated version that was postponed due to Covid?”
“You discussed this in Power 2 seminar in March. Broad jumping to indicate Gazzelle or Gorilla and how it translates to type of golfer you're teaching. Could you review that?”
“Possible reasons for left sided back pain for someone who sways and has RSA?”
“Bryson and Phil chasing distance has led them to spinning out of their lead heel (Bryson) or lose balance/fall back (Phil) during impact or just after. Are these practical injury protection measures (knee, ankle) or just byproducts of swinging so fast?”
“I took SFMA several years ago. I am scheduled for TPI level 1 next week and plan to get medical certified over the next several months. How do I find out if I qualify for the discount having already taken an SFMA course?”
“What is the optimal driver shaft length for your body dimensions and max CHS for efficiency? Is there a good algorithm?”
“I took my first soft pitch batting lesson last Monday & the instructor was talking about fast hip turn. Does the hip move similarly with golf swing?”
“What is different in this pandemic era in providing programming to the general public?”
“How would you test upper body power for a golfer? Which type of medicine ball throw?”
“Why do the golf pros use ping pong table in tournaments and like using the frisbee?”
“Any chance you new MyTPI app might have a section where us coaches can keep stats under a players profiles?”
“General theory of ground force?”
“Discuss (Vision Training) Quiet Eye, Saccades, etc. in relation to Golf/Tennis/Baseball.”
“Will TPI be changing the recommended order of training based on Dr. Galpin's recommendations?”
“Has anyone ever graphed head movement on the kinematic sequencing graph? Some players turn head to target pre-impact: Lexi,Duval, etc.”
“Another motor learning question for you...If a golfer can integrate an RNT principle during practice swings on the range, such as with a band pulling them to the right if they're a swayer, how many "practice swings" would they do as a patterning drill before moving to the full swing? And would they do more "repatterning" reps after a certain number of swings (good or bad)?”
“Training tips for moving ball acquisition?”
“Do you see a relationship between golf fitness handicap and golf handicap index?”
“Hi guys, I’m TPI level 1 certified and wanted to reach out to High School and college coaches to work with the athletes, would you have any recommendations as far as packages I should offer if they are interested?”
“What is your favorite drill used to get the lateral shift and drive from the lead leg before rotation begins?”
“I’m always surprised when I see the percentage of passing screen grades for amateurs vs PGA Tour pros. It seems like the amateurs’ passing grade percentages are too high and the PGA Tour Pros’ passing grade percentage are too low. For example, in the overhead deep squat the amateurs passing grade % is 29; the PGA Tour pros’ % is 29.9. Am I missing something?”
“Can you suggest some drills for kids to improve chipping awareness without the use of a club?”
“I screened a 15 year competitive golfer. She had all screens in the green range except balance was red ( 0-5sec). Surprisingly her GFH came out as a +5. Was that a mistake? Also my clients are so inquisitive on how each exercise is weighted. Any input?”
“What is your process for fixing a player that feels like he is “spinning out” with his pelvis? What what you look for or what drills would you use to tighten up the pelvis trunk connection to remove the feeling of “spinning out”?”
“Do you have good results prescribing Tom House Shoulder workout exercises (as shown in the first half of the "Integrated Flexibility Warmup“ in Fitness Level 2 online course) to patients with Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) stage 1?”
“how important is grip strength for golf performance and why? Could you suggest some good exercises to improve grip strength?”

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