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Webinar | Mar 25th, 2021

“In your opinion what % of shots do tour players try to shape the ball. What are the advantages to shot shaping for the average player?”
“Once someone has adequate strength levels,  what % of their program should be strength based and what % should be power based?”
“Can excessive flexion in the torso at the top of the back swing cause the lead arm to transition early, as well as accelerate more than the pelvis and torso?”
“Client has a lot of issues (ie THR, kyphosis,  rotator cuff), more ideas for better compensations w/o encroaching golf pro”
“Will there be more Level 2 Medical and Level 2 Power before end of year?”
“Do force plates play a role in golf performance assessment/evaluation? How do you utilize them?”
“When correcting pelvic tilt tests, what comes after beginner-level exercises to get the nervous system to do it in the golf swing?”
“What would be the best advice you would give to your customers to prepare for coming out of a 3 month lockdown?”
“Can you explain D-Plane?”
“Best drills to get the lead hip more positive through impact? Possible physical reasons this might not be possible?”
“Regarding ground reaction force, besides the rotating stool what other drills or exercises would you recommend to enhance performance?”
“How long should it take to complete all of the screens?”
“Right handed player (same side dominant) turns his head in the backswing so far that he can’t see the ball in top of backswing. Cervical rotation not limited. Would you see significant effects on performance when we change the position?”
“Do you see successful players on tour without having a “stock shape”?”
“(In TPI App) Lower 1/4: all but internal rotation in backswing test over 60, seems should be yellow not red?”
“Would you encourage extension swing in 12yo girl?”
“Are the stats for percentage effected for the Big 12 based on current data?”
“Any level 3 fitness on the horizon at Oceanside?”
“Wondering if more Level 2 courses are being offered before July?”
“As an osteopath and Pilates instructor, I spend time improving thoracic mechanics in golfers…Would you agree that the priority is to get them to be able to extend more through their T Spine first before working on rotation of thorax?”
“Is flipping of wrists a result of not getting club face squared at impact?”

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