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Webinar | May 2nd, 2022

“What are some activities to improve rotation first in the backswing?”
“I have a stand at a local PGA Pro Am event this week. Which Lv1 tests would you suggest to do w/ small groups & any other tips?”
“What would you recommend for an in season strength and conditioning program?”
“Best age to start tournaments?”
“Deceleration (in a good sequence) seems to be the key to accelerate the ball. How can you teach your body to decelerate?”
“I'm the Director at TPC Colorado's new fitness center. Best ways to structure/market group TPI classes and workshops?”
“Conscious swing thoughts during a round in a major? (J.Rahm e.g)”
“Do you have recommendations for motion capture systems such as 4D motion sports, noraxon, or other possible systems with 6 degrees?”
“What does the best pre-shot routines have in common in your experience?”
“SwingCatalyst force plates, any pitfalls in their ground force analytics?”
“Any experience suggestion treating and managing TFCC (triangular fibrocartilage complex) irritation related to repeatedly hitting fat?”
TPI Live - FULL WEBINAR - 05/2/22

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