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Fitness 2 | July 16th, 2019

“Help understanding the 4x4 for Hip Movement?”
“Do you think SpeedSticks are a good tool to increase speed?”
“When can we load a child for fitness?”
“How much time per session should be allocated to golf specific exercise compared to general strength and conditioning? ”
“Will you be doing another TPI staff bag?”
“How long does it take for you to complete a comprehensive Fitness Evaluation as outline in Lv2? Any screens you’d eliminate if you were short on time?”
“How can a limitation in pelvic tilt cause loss of posture? What are good exercise progressions to improve?”
“Do you guys ever use the Kamisch-Roche method for estimating % Adult Height at a method for assessing stage of physical development (PHV, early puberty, late puberty, etc.)?”
“Any recommendations for fitness / rehab for a golfer that has ruptured right achilles?  Right handed golfer, he choose non surgical route for rehab. 3cm full rupture.”
“If someone has lower crossed syndrome wouldn’t reciprocal inhibition affect glute or ab strengthening?”
“What is the most accurate/cost effective launch monitor you would recommend?”
“Which leg more important for power and should be used more on downswing?”

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