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Webinar | Mar 23, 2021 Three Marketing Tricks To Grow Your Golf Performance Business

PRESENTATION: 3 Marketing Tricks To Grow Your Golf Performance Business
“Do you have any stats on women golfers?”
“How long do the Zoom workshops last, and do these replace pop-ups?”
“How exactly do you define the ‘longevity’ selling point?”
“How do you promote your lead magnet?”
“Still early in my golf fitness there anything "wrong" with accepting a client outside of our target audience? (i.e. focusing on high-level junior golfers and having clients 60+ years old)”
“What are some theme ideas for Zoom workshops?”
“I'm seeing a few PT's advertise for golf evaluations around town for cheap (ie $50). At what point do we offer too much of a discount and depreciate the value of what we are offering?”
“Physician here that focuses on non-surgical orthopedics using regenerative (PRP/stem cells) treatments. Trying to hone in on golf world. Same overall advice?”
“What are your packages and prices?”
“I always bring the golf pro in when working with a golfer. Your thoughts?”

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