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Webinar | Nov 10, 2020

“What's the best way to market and stand out as a TPI certified professional?”
“Is social media necessary? What content should I put out there?”
“I’m certified, how do I break out into a new market?”
“Do you have to be good at golf?”
“What are some effective strategies to market to a retired population who don’t care about their index?”
“What are some of the best ways for fitness pros to partner with medical and golf pros?”
“What’s the one thing i can ask/tell a prospect that will inspire them to get a TPI screen?”
“What's the ideal pricing structure and necessary systems for starting my business?”
“What's the best way to use the TPI screen? (Part 1)”
“What's the best way to use the TPI screen? (Part 2)”
“What is the best way to get to the golf pro, and likewise if you’re a golf pro how do you connect to the fitness/medical pro?”
“I’m writing a letter to a local golf clubs trying to prospect members for my personal golf pro training. Any tips?”
“My team and I are looking to expand to other golf clubs in the area, what’s the best approach?”
“Is online necessary in the times of COVID?”
“How to start/Best way to start an online training business?”
“Who should be the first person you hire?”
“What kind of packages do you sell?”
“Are FB ads worth it to attract leads or should most of the focus be on cold-calling golf pros?”
“What is your view on including TPI screening into the golf lesson or charging separately?”
“What would you say is a bare minimum amount of PT equipment/systems to get started?”
“My plan is to market specifically to juniors, beginners to competitive high schoolers. What is the best strategy to deal with them and mainly their parents, and be able to make them clients and design workout programs for them? ”

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