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Level 1 | April 23rd, 2019

“Are there any measuring tools available for download prior to the course? ie alignment X”
“Does emailing TPI screen results to the golfer and other instructors require HIPAA consent? If so, is there a best practice?”
“What should you do with a player who has trouble performing basic versions of ELDOAs?”
“If I move to another state that I'm not licensed to practice chiropractic (Florida), how can I use TPI to make a business?”
“What are the biggest mistakes you made in your first 100 screens?”
“Why is toe touch important? I can see a player can't toe touch terribly but he has no early extension & pelvic tilt?”
“For senior players, how to increase the range in joints or give a bigger turn?”
“How do you guys prioritize what you attack first in the mobility screen?”
“Thoughts on Tiger Woods and winning the 2019 Masters”
“You guys travel a lot and seem to stay in great shape--how to do handle your travel plans related to your diet and exercise program?”
“Some joints were not included in ELDOA course. Are these joints less critical for golf swing, or are the joints that were included more critical for golf swing?”
“How different is the swing for competitive long drive versus a swing for a normal drive?”
“When doing a 1 arm row or press with a cable machine or band, is it better to turn the torso and keep the pelvis still to incorporate upper body disassociation? Also, is it better to stand in asymmetrical or symmetrical stance? And is there more value in standing in "golf stance" vs being upright?”
“The pros have very thorough warmups, but what is a good and short recommendation for the amateur weekend golfers that head straight to the first tee box when they arrive?”
“Please review the five TPI golf buckets; Core control, Lower Disassociation, Upper Disassociation, Maintain Posture, Wrist Release. Please compare to OnBaseU and RacquetFit?”

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