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Webinar | October 29th, 2021

“When people are not aware of TPI for the benefits, what approach should I take to show them the benefits of understanding?”
“What is the range of income you made in the past 5 years?”
“What is the best way to use the TPI certification to keep people coming back into the gym and participating in your programs?”
“Best way to approach your head golf pro at the country club?”
“Pricing recommendation for screens (initial evaluations, one-on-one, follow-ups)?”
“How to complete a physical screen using social distancing?”
“What do you in your sessions in addition to your screen?”
“How much more can you charge per new certification?”
“What about group sessions for members at top ranked golf clubs? What’s appropriate to charge per member?”
"How long did it take to develop the system for your team?"
“How can I generate more customers, and would you advise setting up terms of business to highlight charges for missed appointments?”
“Hints and tips on how to approach sport coaches who try to do it all, and resist leveraging true fitness/medical professionals?”
“Best way to structure doing a TPI screen/KVest swing analysis?”
“Are Facebook ads worth it?”
“What about online clients? How do you screen properly? Is the system the same?”

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