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Level 1 | July 15th, 2019

“What are the methods that you would  recommend for external rotation problems in the shoulder both standing and golf posture ”
“Hey guys I am a chiro looking to market the fact that I am TPI certified.  What are some ideas to get referrals?”
“Hip hinge test: If the pelvis is anteriorly tilted, does the hamstring become tight hindering hip hinge?”
“What programs have you found work for introducing TPI to a new membership at a private club?”
“Is there a right time to perform video analysis of a swing as a medical professional?”
“What kind of swing characteristics occur when external rotation of the hips is limited?”
“If you just returned from a TPI Level 1 Class, what would be the first thing you'd do to get  the greatest return on investment?”
“A lot of golfers think that they need to perform every exercise in golf posture.  Why is this not always the best idea?”
“Can you provide a quick overview of the 4x4 Matrix in Fitness 2?”
“I am a physical therapist/medical TPI Lv1 looking to start a swing speed class with SuperSpeed Sticks. Do you have any advice here as a PT?”

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