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Webinar | June 13th, 2023

“What are the best exercises for my golf game?”
“Are there any exercises you suggest to golfers dealing with various lower back ailments or injuries?”
“What significant changes have you seen or incorporate in TPI over the last five years?”
“Based on your research and experience, what has changed in your thinking presentation since the early 1990s?”
“If an elite player like Jon Rahm starts to struggle with his driver, are there any games or drills you like to get them back on track?”
“How would you structure your first workshop at a country club being TPI certified and a personal trainer?”
“Have you ever had a golfer refuse to be screened? And if so, how do you proceed with that?”
“Are there any best exercises for helping senior golfers?”
“Can you change your swing in the gym?”
“What's the best warmup routine?”
“I'm 58 and I've taken the assessment and I fail a lot of the test. I coach high school golfers. How can I best demonstrate the tests when I can't do it myself?”
“Is there a library of exercise I can access in the TPI Pro app or do I need to complete a screening to access them?”
“You spoke earlier of back pain and one of the key factors to back pain would be lack of hip mobility. Would you be able to go in depth on that?”
“What are the best strategies to get one's foot in the door at a country club, to have a chance to do a workshop there?”
“Where do I start with certification? If I'm a doctoral level or experience practitioner?”
“Do you have a flexibility course for purchase?”
“Do you need to workout at a gym to become TPI certified?”
“What are your favorite strategies for gaining distance? How do you balance strength, work and speed work?”
“What's the best way to learn a new movement pattern or change a faulty pattern?”
“I've had four lower back surgeries resulting in a double fusion of S1 L5 plus a fusion of C5 C6, which resulted in balance problems, the result of all these is terrible impact at contact. Help?”
“On a recent podcast, you prescribed a left foot push while sitting on a wheeled stool with the rotating seat. What are some alternative exercise drills to develop the ground reaction force?”
“What strategies do you recommend for body awareness training?”
“What are your thoughts on a lot of these players on tour getting injured? Why do you think they're getting injured?”
“Do you have an ETA when the new TPI logos will be available?”
“How often do you recommend re-screening a client and/or modifying the workout program?”
“As a fitness professional, what would an initial evaluation with a potential golf client consist of? TPI Lv1 screen, power/strength screen?”
“How can I best transition gym clients to a private setting?”
“Does TPI have a way of testing ground forces transfer other than Swing Catalyst too?”
“A very common problem on the downswing is early extension. Is that more of a mobility issue technique or both?”
“If a golfer is struggling with getting stuck could it be a physical issue? Any exercises that increase mobility?”
“Hip flexor tightness and opening up the Psoas.”
“Do I need personal golf experience to become TPI certified? Can I train rehab golfers if I don't golf myself?”
“Knee injury replacement, are there any exercises you would avoid or swing modifications you would recommend for golfers with knee injuries or knee replacement?”
“How important is neck and wrist mobility throughout the golf swing? Are those unusual problems? Are those usual problems areas injure?”
“Is it possible to get TPI certification about force plates?”
“How hard should junior golfers train? What age should speed training be?”
“I have found that to achieve effective weight transfer, the role of the right foot is absolutely key. Is that valid?”
“Can you explain casting and how to address it in the gym after screening?”
“How can you differentiate between a muscular upper back, big lats and C-posture?”
“Psoas stretching and the myth of muscle tightness”
“What's the atmosphere like given the recent live PGA agreement? Anything there?”
“How does breathing affect rotation mobility and do you recommend exercise for breathing?”
“What is the number one drill to teach a baseball player to play golf?”
“Dave, you any advice for high school? How to approach new players?”
“Do you have any help with marketing, especially female golfers who I would love to help get more involved?”

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