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Webinar | June 24th, 2020

“What are some tips for teaching female players with large breasts?”
“How do I approach coaching Tour players?”
“Can you explain the importance of doing a squat on the downswing?”
“Why are you critical of circuit training when there isn’t research to back that claim?”
“In regards to the squat, does the push-down go to toes or heels during the swing?”
“How would you go about setting up seminars at new facilities in order to generate new business?”
“There are four screening exercises for power and speed in the junior course. Are there any other screening exercises to get a more in depth picture?”
“What’s the best drill to make the swing more shallow?”
“Why did you choose the vertical jump instead of a broad jump which can be done outside with no equipment?”
“At this time, what is the best online strength training program for elite players?”
“What did you guys work on with Phil Mickelson that makes him hit the ball further?”
“My studio doesn’t have a cable machine to go back to our power during the strength testing, can I use dumbbell bench press or bent over row?”
“What advice can you offer to present myself as a TPI expert to people that score much better than I am?”
“Do you have documentation templates that you use with your clients?”
“Is there any value in practicing certain shots when you are fatigued after a round? Full shots or shorter shots like chipping?”
“Coming back to play golf in Mexico due to the virus, our junior golfers are not playing on the course, any advice to get them back on the course? (How to get them back to playing after time off?)”
“What should we do to go from a short hitter to a long hitter? (How do you hit the ball further?)”
“Is Rory driving as far as he can at 155lbs more impressive than what Bryson is doing at 240lbs?”
“A golfer who plays 4xs/week in the summer, 2xs/week in the winter how would you schedule their annual fitness plan?”
“When doing medicine ball side-tosses for power, are you teaching swing technique or just throwing it as hard as possible?”
“How often should you do your prescribed TPI correction exercises to get optimal results? Is twice a week sufficient?”
“As a former track and field instructor, do you guys see any counter-productivity regarding the use of different running exercises?”
“Please explain opposite side strength, accelerate, decelerate, etc. in a way that makes sense to our golf participants.”
“What are drills and exercises to help a student with balance issues, build strength, transferring weight over to left lead side?”
“Any ideas when we might reschedule Medical 3?”
“Do you have any tips to organize and remember the SFMA breakouts?”
“It was mentioned that there was going to be an update to the TPI App’s ability to add exercise and strength training programs. Is this still in the works?”
“Can you recommend a 25-30min body weight circuit for [a group class of] seniors?”
“Suggestions on how to improve reading and diagnosing Swing Characteristics in 3D Kinematic Sequence Graphs?”
“Why don’t we start the swing near the top and cock in momentum, stop, backswing air?”
“Should the hips slow down before impact?”

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