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Webinar | Jan 20, 2021

“Any advice on how to get started in the golf Industry if I am not a pro golfer but want to become a golf fitness professional?”
“Is the golf fitness market already flooded?”
“How do you see the digital side of golf performance developing in a post COVID world?”
“Price structure recommendations for screen and follow up training?”
“Can the course be completed at the individual’s own pace or is there a time frame in which the course must be completed by?”
“What is being included in the initial eval that is being marketed to the consumer?”
“Initial marketing strategies to get up and running?”
“What's the most effective setup for doing a golf workshop as a medical provider?”
“How long are people willing to sit on a Zoom call? 2 hours, 2.5 hours? For a webinar!?”
“During the online course, are all sections pre-recorded by the two of you? Are there any live components where we can discuss the information learned and ask questions to the two of you?”
“Do you think it matters at all if you have a high handicap when marketing to golfers? Might they doubt your ability to help if your own golf game isn't that great?”
“Do you think the golf fitness market isn’t flooded due to lack of understanding or lack of results produced??”
“To follow up to the first question of how to break in to the business you mentioned ID'ing golf professionals in your area. What would an introductory email or phone call look or sound like?”
“What are some of the benefits to have a symbiotic relationship with a Golf Club and how to leverage them for both areas?”
“I’ve been approached by a golf club who is outfitting a new fitness center. They are looking to partner with me to run the fitness center and provide training. What would be the ideal way to set up a contract with the club, I.e. lease the space, pay % of each session to the club?”
“Do you provide your personal email/contact information if one does decide to enroll in the course for specific questions or direction?”

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