Bubba Watson on Explosive Power

It is no secret that Bubba is one of the longest drivers on the PGA tour. He gets his amazing power from his massive arc and the explosive power he creates from the top of his downswing. In this video Bubba talks about the other sports he played growing up and how they helped him become the explosive player he is today. 

As Bubba stated, golf is an explosive sport.  It is not an endurance sport, although many people train their body for golf as if it was an endurance sport.  Let's go over some key advice that we give to all our students, parents of junior golfers and anyone trying to increase their power.

1) Sprint:  Sprinting is one of the most important skills to teach a golfer.  There is nothing slow about sprinting and therefore, it teaches you how to engage your fast twitch fibers.  We like short interval sprints of about 10-20 yards maximum.

2) Throw a Fastball:  Pitching or throwing for speed is another great way to increase club head velocity.  It is not a fluke that many professional baseball pitchers are powerful golfers.  The speed developed in throwing a fastball, mimics the speed developed in the golf swing.

3) Bat Change Up: Learning to strike an object from your non-dominant side is a key to developing speed for all rotary sports.  Make sure you train swings in the opposite direction that you play golf in.  You can only accelerate a speed you can decelerate.  Therefore, the faster your decelerators are, the faster your accelerators can go!

Just remember; slowly and safely build up your speed.  If you have not tried to sprint in 20 years, you might want to remember how to jog first before you sprint.  Good Luck

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