Dr. Rose Talks WGFS and Strength Training for Golf on the 18STRONG Podcast

TPI Certified trainer Jeff Pelizzaro is the host of the 18STRONG podcast and owner of, a website dedicated to exploring the world of golf from a performance perspective.  Over the last two years, Jeff has hosted some of the industry's best minds in golf fitness, instruction and medical treatment on his podcast.  This week is his 100th episode(!) and he had TPI co-founder Dr. Greg Rose on to share some of his philosophy around training golfers and to preview the 2016 World Golf Fitness Summit.  The links to download or listen to the podcast are above and we've compiled a few of the show's highlights below.

  • Highlights from this Episode

  • Dr. Rose discusses his background and who Greg Rose was “before TPI.”
  • Greg’s decision to build a golf practice was simply based on the fact that he wanted to follow the philosophy of “find something you love” and make that what you do.  Despite warnings from people that it would never work, Greg built one of the first and biggest golf chiropractic businesses around.
  • Jeff and Greg revisit into the topic of strength training for golfers (highlighted in this article on our site) and all of the backlash that has come from the media around golfers putting some real weight on the bar. 
  • "So many players are playing their best because of fitness.  Golf fitness isn't an evil thing just because you don't understand it." - Dr. Greg Rose
  • They discuss how the equation F=MA (Force = Mass x Acceleration) which is definitely an eye-opener when looking at golfers with different body types, swings, and training habits.
  • "Health is the most important thing. If you're injured, it doesn't matter how good you are." - Dr. Rose
  • "I think saying you shouldn't work out is as ridiculous as saying you shouldn't practice putting." - Dr. Rose
  • "When you work out, you should feel like you're improving your performance.  If you're working out and feeling worse, you're probably doing something wrong." - Dr. Rose
  • "Our screening process isn't just about looking at someone. It's measuring how they move." - Dr. Rose
  • Greg shares his view on motor learning and a different way to think about good and bad things you do in the swing.
  • Jeff and Greg discuss what pain does to the body, but even more so, how it affects you as an athlete/human moving forward.  What compensations are you making from that old injury and what repercussions does it have?
  • "There are reasons why the body will change motor patterns, but the greatest motivator is pain." - Dr. Rose
  • Greg shares a few ideas for how golfers can self diagnose to see if we have an issue that needs some attention and discussing why professional screening is so important.
  • They dive into the World Golf Fitness Summit (WGFS), including how it began and highlight a few speakers that will be featured at the upcoming Summit in October.
  • "The World Golf Fitness Summit is my favorite event that we do, times 10." - Dr. Rose

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