Early Hips

Early hip turn on the backswing can ruin the sequence of your golf swing, when your hips turn too early it hurts your ability to create a coil between your hips and torso. If your hips and torso turn at the same rate on the backswing, you will not create any torque between them and it can rob you of power. If you do this drill correctly you will feel as if your core is coiling against your hips, this creates elasticity between the muscles and helps your downswing start correctly. 

Do the drill a few times and make some backswings feeling the coil, then simply hit a few shots feeling the same braced lower body. Then once you get comfortable, pick a target on the range and try and actually hit a shot as if you were on the golf course. 

I have also added some of my favorite exercises to help you feel coil in your backswing. 

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