Get a Lesson When You’re Playing Well

With the advent of high-speed video, physical evaluations, three D biomechanics and radar technology that tracks all your swing data, we encourage our students to visit with their coach when they are playing well. It is much easier to pinpoint a problem knowing you have a blueprint for success.   It’s like having a manual for your car this is how things work, if a warning light pops up on the dashboard you simply refer to the manual and it gives you information on how to fix the problem.

So often I see professional and amateur golfers working hard on the range to try and find their games but it would be much easier if you had a clear understanding of what you were doing when you played your best. If this was the case it maybe a simple fix.  At TPI we have this protocol in place and try and get players to come in so we can collect their data when they are hitting it their best.  Once we have the data, when things aren’t going so well we can often make a slight adjustment or hit the reset button and get them back on track quickly.  

Next time you hit your longest drive or have your best round, book some time with your coach and develop a checklist for success.  


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