How Important is Lower Body Power in Golf?

If you want to hit the long ball, you need to have lower body power.  Ask anyone in the world of long drive, "What do you think the most powerful part of your body is? They will say the same thing, "My legs".  As seen in the picture, 2012 World Long Drive Champion, Ryan Winther, is no exception.  His vertical jump has been compared to some of the best in the NBA.  We have tested most of the guys who compete in the world long drive and their average vertical jump is over 30 inches.  That is at least 8 inches higher than the PGA Tour's average.  So how do you get this incredible lower body power?  It's called hard work.  Lets go over the steps you will need to develop this type of speed.

Step One:

Mobility is the first step in developing power in any part of the body.  Flexibility helps your muscles create elastic energy, like a rubber band.  If you can't stretch the muscles, then lets just say the world long drive trophy is not in your future.  Focus on three key areas for lower body mobility.  First, the ankles are the main connection to the ground.  Good ankle mobility is paramount to start the power sequence.  Focus on ankle dorsiflexion and eversion.  Second, move into the hips.  The hips are where the key power producers live in your body.  The glutes, adductors, quads and hamstrings all create incredible power in the golf swing.  Focus on hip internal and external rotation and hip extension.  Lastly, pelvic mobility is essential in order to use lower body power, we must be able to separate our lower body from our upper body.  If you don't have the ability to separate your lower body from your torso, then focus on this last.


Step Two:

Strength and stability are the second step in developing power in the lower body.  


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