How Lee Westwood changed his Body

Lee Westwood is known on tour as one of the best ball strikers. He has moved up in the world rankings with the help of his strength and conditioning coach Steve McGregor who has changed his body along the way. What can you learn from Lee's transformation. 

  1. Dr. Steve McGregor assessed him from head to toe to determine his strength and weaknesses and develop a road map as to how Lee's body functioned.  The first thing they attacked was Lee's foundation, they went to work on building a better base of support by strengthing his legs. To get your golf game assessed find a TPI certifed specialist in your area at schedule a physical screening with a corrective exercise program.
  2. Once the foundation was built they developed a plan attacking three key areas on top of Lee's foundation. They spent time developing strength and endurance with olympic lifting, then they moved to power production and finally worked on golf specific movements. 
  3. They then focused on his diet so that he could balance his energy during his rounds, they also put more focus on increasing his lean muscle mass and reducing his body fat. 
  4. Recovery was next, Lee works the recovery  process by using massage and myofascial release. You can do this yourself with things like a golf ball, massage stick and foam roller this helps to reduce knots and toxin buildup in your muscles. This all aids in speeding up blood flow throughout the body which can help in recovery. 


Remember, it is how meticulous you are in your journey and how precise you are during the process that produces the most desirable result.  Big words in one sentence, but you get the point.  Yes…Lee Westwood makes his living as a professional golfer and may have a little more time and motivation to be the best he can be.  


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