How to Recover in Style

Let’s face it - training can be tough both physically and mentally when you’re going hard. Your down time, on the other hand, should be just the opposite – a time when your mind and body should relax, reboot, repair and recover. The new heavyweight Lima Collection was designed for just these times.

In terms of comfort and quality – we held nothing back, using only the finest 100% Peruvian Pima cotton we could find.  The result is a fabric that is so soft and so inviting that it almost forces you to sit back and enjoy the time off.

But great garments are more than the result of just great designs and raw materials.  It takes a commitment and a sense of pride from every set of hands that touches the product along the way. In Peru, this commitment is beyond personal. It borders on cultural.  Check out the video above that shows the inspiration and passion that went into the new Lima Collection.


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