Jason Day's Body-Swing Connection: Load To Explode

Watch as Dave Phillips analyzes Jason Day's body-swing connection, specifically focusing on how his tremendous power is not only a result of sound technique, but also specific physical capabilities.


As you can see from the data on Jason's BodiTrak mat, he loads 95% of his pressure into his trail hip, which is among the most on TOUR.  In order to turn into your trail hip while maintaining posture, golfers must possess adequate mobility the lower body.  We test for this using the lower quarter rotation test which screens for hip mobility, tibial rotation and ankle mobility.  The vast majority of TOUR players are able to achieve 60° of rotation, both internally and externally.


In addition to internal hip rotation, being able to load into the trail leg without sway requires strong glutes.  If you can't perform a bridge with ease, poor glute strength might be a limitation that might be contributing to your sway.



If a golfer possesses adequate mobility and stability, but still struggles with sway, root cause is technical.  Below Dave demonstrates the "Resisted Sway Drill."  By using tubing to pull yourself into sway, you'll be forced to fire the muscles required to avoid it.


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