Jason Glass Responds to Brandel's Criticism of Rory's Workout

In a media call previewing the upcoming Florida swing, Brandel Chamblee expressed concern over how Rory was working out.  In case you missed it, you can read his full quote and follow up segment on Golf Channel here.  As can be the case with comments made by Brandel, it created a heated conversation between fitness professionals, players and the media. 

Rory added fuel to the fire by responding to Brandel and @GolfChannel with this tweet.

Throughout the entire week of the Northern Trust Open, the discussion around Rory and fitness dominated golf media.  We love to see golf fitness in the spotlight, but it's probably not possible (or responsible) for media to have a qualified opinion about a workout program without consulting the athletes' trainer.  

A number of folks in the fitness community defended Rory, including TPI instructor Jason Glass, who did a nice job addressing some of the concerns expressed by Brandel in the video above.  

Additionally, here are two excellent points from TPI instructor Lance Gill:


TPI instructor and Advisory Board member Robert Yang did a terrific job addressing some of the misconceptions of weight lifting and golf fitness on this podcast. Highly recommend.


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