Need Speed ?

Research shows that you can increase your club head speed by adding resistance to your training program. To hit the ball further you must build good balance and strength through the torso, core and arms to see improvement. Strength however is only a foundation; it gives you the ability to create rotational force and acceleration but without flexibility and motor skill development it won’t increase speed.

The basic premise of resistance training is to train your muscles to fire faster but you must maintain flexibility in order to do so. If you just bulk up and don’t maintain flexibility then you will lose displacement between the body segments and will actually create a slower transfer of energy through those segments to the club. This is why a player like Camilo Villegas that lifts heavy weights also undertakes a rigorous flexibility routine after his workout to make sure he not only increases the strength of the muscle but also maintains the length. As a result for someone that is 5ft 9in and 160lbs he averages 293 yards off the tee.

There are lots of great exercises that will increase your strength and maintain your flexibility, I like using medicine ball exercises as they do both and add the balance component. I have attached some related exercises on the right of this article that are some of my favorites. As you age you should also try things like pilates and yoga, they are excellent for maintaining mobility, flexibility and strength. There are many different forms of Yoga and Pilates, so try some different classes and see what works best for you, you can often meet with the instructors and explain what your trying to achieve and they can modify the programs they offer to help you reach your desired goals.  


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