No Gym, No Problem: At-Home Training Ideas from the TPI Community

COVID-19 has presented a unique and challenging situation for all of us.  Many of the golf, fitness and medical professionals in our community have had to temporarily suspend or downscale operations at their facilities.  We've had to postpone a number of in-person seminars (everything in Japan, China, plus Dallas and Seattle) and are now offering live, virtual seminars as an alternative while people can't travel.  

The delivery of what we all do might change, but the work can stay the same. 

Even when gyms and clinics are closed, we can do our best to make sure their impact is still felt.  In many ways, the social and psychological benefits of your community are as important as the physical.

We put out a call for at-home training ideas from our community which we've organized below.  If your coach has already adapted your program, do that.  Support them.  If not, give one of these a shot.  Working from home is not as optimal as a professional environment, but something is better than nothing.  Don't let perfect be the enemy of progress.  


The Jason Glass Rotational Power Xperiment wasn't intented to be an at-home workout, but 90% of the exercises can be performed without gym equipment.  If you have a kettlebell and a Cook Band, you're golden.  



These mobility routines and condtioning ideas from Casey Wheel were designed for high school athletes that he trains, but are appropriate for any athlete with moderate training experience.  The routines are neatly organized in this Google Drive folder.  Here's a preview of the mobility section.



Here's a full At Home Kit from Liesbeth Pauwels of LP Golf Performance.  She has a number of free resources, including bodyweight circuits, meditative practices/tips and yoga routines.



Here are two bodyweight circuits from Michael Carroll.  You can check his timeline for more options as well.  Also, note the push-up form.  One reason athletes don't get as much benefit from bodyweight exercises is because they cheat.  If push-ups are too easy for you, compare your form to Michael's. 







Andrew Hannon's Instagram feed is always a source of good training ideas and movement challenges.  He's been curating a number of his favorites that would be suitable for at-home workouts.  Here are two:



💪🏾BODY-WEIGHT WORK💪🏾 - Straight talk, the world is what it is right now. I am not an expert in what’s going on, but I am close with People who are. And what they tell me is it’s going to be a tough couple of months, but we will get through it. There are no quick hacks to boost you’re immune system, that is just nonsense and what I am an expert in. If you have Been sticking to healthy habits, getting quality sleep and sticking with a quality hygiene regiment, stick with that. When circumstances get tougher that throw off our health routine (gyms close, have to watch children, have to work from home.) we have to be able to stick together and even ask for help if we need it. At the end of this post I’m going to tag some great trainers/fitness pros that can help and some that work remotely so you know where to go for good information and can help you take your mind off this tough time. - Try out this workout if you can’t make it to the gym: - Each Drill will either be a 30 second set or a 60 second set: - Wall reference Torso Rotation Reach: 30 seconds each side. Keep foot on the wall but keep majority of weight on front foot - Wall Reference Push-up/With a Stability reach: 30 seconds, maintain contact with the wall - Wall Reference ISO lunge: 60 seconds each side. This will be challenging, but maintain weight on front leg, breathe! - Wall reference Hip CARS: 30 seconds each side, keep upper body stable and down leg straight, heal off the ground. - Wall push into a lateral lunge: 30 seconds each side. Soft landing, push the ground away to the first position. - Wall reference ISO plank: 60 seconds, squeeze an object in between your forearms as you maintain contact with the wall. Breathe - Go through this whole set for 3 total sets, let me know what you think. Please reach out if you need guidance, online programs available. Check out trainers in the comment section for quality info! - #golffitness #golfperformance #golfworkout #homeworkouts #homeworkout #mytpi @mytpi #mobilitywod #hipmobility #corestability

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Spencer Tatum trains a number of pro golfers (Jon Rahm, Kevin Chappell, Anna Nordqvist, Brandon Hagy, among many others) out of Ignite THP in Scottsdale.  They've had to adapt many of their programs to be suitable for at-home application.  Here's Ignite THP Director of Program Design Christopher Reed demostrating a home workout alternative.



With most people shifting to staying home due to #coronavirus , I wanted to release as many at home workouts as possible. So for the next week or two, that’s what I will be doing. If you think you know anyone who might benefit from an at home workout, share the posts and let them know. ⁣ ⁣ I am going to do a little bit of everything. So that means body weight, bands, TRX, DBs, KBs etc. My goal is just to give you ideas so that you can stay active while we navigate these interesting times. ⁣ ⁣ If there is anything you would like to see, please let me know! Also another great place for ideas would be my pinned story “12 days of ChrisFITmas”. There are tons of different workouts in there for you to experiment with. ⁣ ⁣ Moral of the story, sitting in the house and neglecting workouts and stress relieving activities isn’t the answer to a healthy immune system. So I want to help keep you on schedule and hopefully you can learn some things along the way. ⁣ ⁣ #homeworkout #athomeworkouts #noequipmentworkout #coronaworkout #covid_19 #covid19workout #bodyweightworkout #bodyweighttraining #bodyweight #bodyweightworkouts #bodyweightfitness #bodyweightexercise #bodyweightraining #bodyweightwod #fitnessathome #athomefitness #athomeworkout

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JP Guidry from Guidry Golf and Sport published an at home workout guide and podcast, including a list of common household items that could add resistance to your workout.  

You can listen to his latest episode from the Becoming A Lifelong Athlete about maintaining physical and mental health during this time:  



Here's playlist of 14 videos that focus on improving movement quality, mobility and strength from Justin Rabinowitz of Strive2Move Chiropractic in Warren, NJ.  


Forged Golf Performance recently created The Daily Habit as a resource for golfers to improve their health and movement at-home.   It includes movement prescriptions, self-therapy ideas (such as foam rolling protocols) and even strength training guides.  Many of the resources are free and others are paid.


Kaitlyn Pimentel of Felix Fortis Golf recently posted two home workouts designed especially for golfers.  If you don't have a kettlebell at home, consider getting one (and have a coach teach you how to use it).  KB's take up no space, are extremely versatile and efficiently develop physical capabilities that are useful in golf.  The ultimate home workout hack.



. Hey friend, . There’s a tremendous amount of uncertainty, anxiousness and feelings of sadness by those we read and might know affected by #covid_19 . I just wanted to hop in and break the frantic scroll, and remind- we’re in this together 💙 . And while social distancing and other precautions are the beat way to keep ourselves, loved ones, community and everyone safe- it can take a toll on our mental health, happiness, and fitness. . Cancelled gym memberships, sporting events, friend gatherings, school systems...and not to mention - the way we keep our minds, body, and moods sharp! Working out. . I’d like to offer a solution (and a free one at that) to help keep a smile on your face, your body strong, and your mental health THRIVING during such a challenging time. . Most of you know I am a @golfdigest Top 50 Golf Fitness Coach and Founder of the #FelixFortisGolf Fitness academy. My private clients have lifetime access to our #felixfortisgolffitnessacademy #golffitness app, and now so do you. . I have created an At-Home FREE golf fitness workout to help keep spirits high and a smile on your face while spending some time at home. . When all of this is over, you’ll be so happy you stayed on track, moving your body, and keeping that endorphin rush flowing! . . Link in bio to grab your free workout! Stay healthy and as always, happy & strong 💪🏼 💙⛳️

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Ryan Blackburn of Orlando Golf Performance has three complete routines on his site, complete with video demonstrations of each exercise. There's a daily warm-up, mobility focused workout and circuit-style routine.


Jordan Rudolph of Unity Fitness La Crosse has a 5 exercise circuit that can be scaled to meet your fitness level.  Notice that is starts with diaphragramtic breathing.  This is something most of us don't do well, especially now.  Try it.



Everybody has a body at home! Here's a body weight workout you can do 2-3x/week and help you stick to a routine and keep your bbn body strong: Warm Up with Video 1, then do: 3-6 Rounds of: . - 10 push ups (Video 2) . - 10 squats (Video 3) . - 10 standing high knees (each side; Video 4) . - 10 lateral squats or reverse lunges (total; Video 5) . - 10 breaths in a superman Iso (Video 6). Rest as needed, do Rounds desired. I recommend giving yourself at least 1 day of rest in between each workout. You can do for Rounds or time yourself on how long it takes you to complete your workout. Your only goal is to change the amount of Rounds you do each day, or make sure your workout time is different on consecutive workout days.

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Jennifer Fleischer filmed this as a joke during her latest shoot with Golf Digest, but there's probably a quarantined dog owner out there who is going to give it a shot.


We'll continue to update this post as more options come in.  Stay safe and strong!

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