Tall Kneeling Step Out & Up

I had the craziest thing happen to me last week. I had an athlete post on Instagram an exercise that they were doing in their LoadXplode program called “Tall Kneeling Step Outs and Up.” This simple video started a chain reaction. People started sharing and posting their best step out effort all over the web. I started to get emails and DM’s with athletes from as far away as Asia and Europe asking me how their Tall Kneeling Step Out and Up looked. 
Someone asked me “How did you come up with this exercise? It could be the next Turkish Get Up!” I had to really think about it. Where did it come from? Is there such a thing as a new exercise? Hasn’t everything been done before? Every musician tries to make unique songs but they all start with the same notes and chords. So isn’t this exercise really just a culmination of a bunch of movement patterns put together in a sequence? Does that make it unique? 
Some people really struggle with it and others find it way too easy. It is not meant to be physically challenging, but more a challenge for the nervous system. We are trying to create efficient rotational athletes with this movement. We are not creating bigger, stronger... just better movers! 
The Tall Kneeling Step Out & Up is an example of a High Threshold exercise that is designed to stimulate your nervous system and develop a more efficient neuromuscular connection to improve rotational athleticism. It requires each segment of the body to act as a driver of movement, stabilizer for rotational slings to anchor on to and become a base for quality movement to occur in the segment above and below. Perfect exercise for any golfer, baseball player, thrower, hockey player, soccer player or any other rotational athlete! The key is to move smoothly and efficiently without any stoppages or breaks in the movements.
If you find this exercise too difficult, you can try similar concepts or variations from TPI's exercise library.
Try it and let me know what you think! 
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