The 30 Minute Rotary Power Workout from Jason Glass

Wed Dec 2, 2015 by TPI

If you are a rotational athlete this workout is perfect for you. Coach Glass trains some of the worlds top athletes in golf, NFL, NHL and even action sports. Load and Xplode! Listen to the Coach Glass Podcast and subscribe to this YouTube Channel for more great videos!

Here are just a few of the exercises that Jason includes:

Half-Kneeling Step Outs with Rotation



Ball Pass Overhead



Lateral Bounding with a Stick



Jason Glass

Jason Glass BHK, CSCS, TPI Advisory Board @jasonglasslab Host of the Coach Glass Podcast on iTunes Website:

  • Donald Patrick Corona

    Great video Jason!

  • Dr. Chris Miller

    Great workout, Jason. Explanation allows me to link my clients directly to your video! Thanks!

  • Michael Scott

    Hi Jason, With research pointing to some low back injuries in golfers (and other athletes) presenting because of elevated occurrences of spinal rotation on a monthly basis, what would be your approach to prescribing this workout or other rotationally based exercises to clients (even if they present with good TPI/FMS/SFMA screens)? I understand that golfers have to rotate, and want to rotate in their workouts, but what are your thoughts on establishing power in more sagittal and frontal planar movements (like a heavy deadlift or heavy KB swing to build strength and speed) and then be transferring these skills to rotationally based motor control exercises such as the band pelvic rotation, or medball rotational squat (addressing tri-planar movement), thus reducing the already elevated numbers of spinal rotations our clients produce? I look forward to hearing from you! And thank you for producing such quality content!

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