Tiger's Lap Pool might be his secret !!!!

Ever since Ben Hogan mentioned that swimming was bad for your golf game, swimming has gotten a bad rap as an exercise for golf. 

Swimming is a great exercise for golf and judging by the 50-meter lap pool Tiger installed in his Florida home, he thinks so too.

Not only does it strengthen the shoulders and rotator cuff muscles, which are a key muscles group to help get your arms in the air and create width in the backswing.  It also strengthens your triceps, mobilizes your thoracic spine and is one of the best aerobic exercises you could do. 

Like any exercise, having the correct technique is essential to make sure you get the most out of it and minimize any muscle tightness and injury. Taking some swimming lessons at any age can be extremely beneficial or even using DVD's like those from

So if you want to grow some shoulders like Tiger's and add some power to your game, jump in the pool and get swimming. 


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