Watch Dave Phillips and Greg Rose Perform a TPI Screen at our Level 1 Seminar



With our first Level 1 seminar of 2017 being a rare home game led by our two co-founders, we decided to take the opportunity to share how Dave and Greg take a client through a Level 1 screen.  

This is how our Level 1 team of Lance Gill, Jason Glass and Mark Blackburn start every seminar.  Our goal is to summarize the concepts covered in the online prerequisite course and to give attendees an idea of what they'll learn over the following two days.

Our victim volunteer for the day was Nick de Ruyter.  Nick is an airline pilot with a background in kinesiology who is pursuing his interest in golf fitness. Like many Certifieds in the fitness community, he has a broad athletic background and benefits from above-average movement skills.  As Dave says in the video, Nick would be an ideal client for a golf professional because he already has many of the raw physical tools to play well (Nick is a 10 handicap despite living in an unfriendly golf climate in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta).

You'll notice that while Greg is performing the screen Dave is inputting the results into a beta version of our new TPI app.  The app is designed to facilitate a TPI Certified expert's evaluation of clients and help organize training/corrective strategy.  The app will continute to develop in terms of features, but we're excited to release it to our community during the week of the PGA Show (January 25 - 27).  It will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The TPI app organizes individual screen results in three categories: green (passed, no issue), yellow (suboptimal, but not disasterous), and red (very poor).   Whenever we're asked where someone should start with programming, we like to say, "start with the elephant in the room."  The 'elephants' are the 'red screens' which the app organizes at the top of the results page.  Start there.

Overall, Nick performed extremely well.  A handful of yellow results, but only one red.  His biggest issue came in the Lower Quarter Test.  He broke posture to try to cheat a few extra degrees of rotation.  Also, Greg and Dave noted an issue in his deep squat (around the 1:50 mark) may be the result of an old knee injury.  You'll notice that he shifts his weight left at the bottom of the squat, potentially avoiding his right knee.  

Nick's entire screen took less than 14 minutes (including intermittent Q&A from the class).  The results give golf instructors an idea of what an athlete WON'T be able to do and a possible explanation for swing faults.  They give fitness professionals an outline for their program and highlight any issues that should be referred out to medical professionals.  Everyone can be on the same page with a shared language and shared goal in roughly the same amount of time that it takes to finish a hole.

If you'd like to learn more about an individual screen, you can review each one on our site.  You can also find more information on our Level 1 seminars, including an overview and 2017 seminar calendar.

We're hoping to capture more content from our seminars in 2017 through platforms like Facebook Live.  This was essentially a rehearsal (testing camera, stream, etc).  While the production quality was far from flawless, we still thought the footage might be interesting to share.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions ( or through our social media channels @MyTPI).

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