Are you feet causing your swing faults ?

Three foot problems that effect stability in the foot, which can hurt your swing efficiency and create power leaks.



Can cause pain in the joints of the toes, specifically the big toe making it hard to shift weight into the lead foot and finish your golf swing. Pain will often occur when the underlying tissue becomes inflamed; this can also create a bunion, which causes the big toe to grow at an increased angle toward the rest of the toes. This condition is often known as a hallux valgus, if this occurs on the trail foot it can force the golfer to lift the heel prematurely and drive the foot toward the ball, as a result this can effect the shifting of weight and the transfer of energy during the swing.


Falling Arch:

Occurs when the natural arch shape of the foot drops, as a result the tendons and ligaments supporting the arch are weakened and this causes an unstable foot, making a firm stance difficult during a swing, this can cause a sway or slide through the ball and create problems with your balance.  It can often be corrected with orthotics or arch supports.



Another game-ruining problem, these thick nerves in the ball of the foot that cause pain as weight is shifted from one foot to another during a swing, they can occur due to poor biomechanics of the foot. They usually hurt more when wearing shoes and often feel better when you take your shoes off. A Neuroma can hurt your ability to shift your weight correctly and you may hang back on your trail foot during your swing.


If you think you have any of these problems, contact a podiatrist or look up a tpi certified medical professional on our website It may also be the result of poorly fit golf shoes, make sure you have a shoe that is snug in the heel but gives your toes some breathing room.  Try and find something that is shaped like your foot.





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