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Nutrition is something that most of us know very little about. We spend much of our day munching away without ever really knowing if the food we are eating is helping or hurting us.

Nutritional science studies how the body breaks down and responds to certain kinds of food. In the sports world, most elite level athletes are making sure that the food they eat is giving their body the nutrients necessary to perform at their best. But if you’re not a superstar athlete surrounded by a team of experts, how do you know what your body needs? is a new website that gives you specific information on the biomarkers in your blood and how certain foods effect them. I simply logged onto the site, chose a plan and was directed to a LabCorp location within a mile of my office to have my blood drawn. In two days, I received a full profile of my blood biomarkers with recommendations of the foods I should eat and foods I should stay away from. 

I was given personalized zones for my biomarkers based on my activity level and an explanation of vitamins that I was deficient in. This is the same kind of evaluation that elite level athletes often have access to. If you’re trying to improve your performance on the golf course, gym, or workplace and you find that your concentration or stamina is not what it should be, you might want to find out your personal biomarkers by checking out  

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