Highlights From Recent Guest Appearances at Level 1 Webinars

While we miss connecting with our community at in-person seminars, the introduction of Webinar Certification courses have created unique opportunities.  Not only do webinars offer more convenience by eliminating travel requirements, they've allowed us to incorporate some of our friends from across the golf world.  In addition to our co-founders and Level 1 team of Mark Blackburn, Lance Gill and Jason Lab, we've been joined by some of our favorites including Claude Harmon III, Ben Crane, Padraig Harrington, Charlie Hoffman, Tom Pernice and even had Jon Rahm pop into a TPI LIVE.  Here's a sampling of a few highlights.

(Note: we hope to resume in-person seminars in the future, but will always continue to offer online and webinar options.  If you're active Certified, you can participate in any Level 1 webinar or seminar for free).

Claude Harmon III

Claude Harmon III is one of the most decorated coaches in golf.  He dialed in from the U.S. Open in September to talk about his experience with TPI, specifically the importance of the team approach.

The team approach has always been a foundational philosophy at TPI.  It’s a concept that we introduce in the first hour of our Level 1 curriculum because we believe it’s integral to your success with your athletes and your business.  It’s not just about staying in your lane (e.g. golf coaches shouldn’t be writing training or rehab plans; fitness and medical professionals shouldn’t be advising on swing technique), but developing a network of resources for your students.


Padraig Harrington

If Padraig's passion for performance doesn’t get you fired up to work with your athletes, we’re not sure what will.  He hopped on our webinar to discuss training, movement screening, the team approach and keys to speed.



Ben Crane

Ben Crane could legitimately teach a course for us today, but he wasn’t always so well-versed in the Body-Swing Connection.  When we met him over a decade ago, his body had let him down.  To say he hasn’t been blessed with the tissue quality you’d expect from a professional golfer would be an understatement.  

One of the tenets of the Body-Swing Connection is the Joint by Joint Approach.  In summary, the Joint by Joint Approach says that "The body works in an alternating pattern of stable segments connected by mobile joints. If this pattern is altered – dysfunction and compensation will occur." 

Therefore, something like lower back pain is not a lower back problem, but a lower back event.  The lack of hip or thoracic spine mobility led the body to “steal” range of motion from the lower back.  The lower back is the victim, not the culprit.

Ben talks about his personal experience with it here (starts around 1:55 mark).


Hope to see you at a Level 1 Webinar in the future or an in-person Level 1 Seminar when they return.


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