Our 10 Most Popular Articles of 2015

Here are the 10 most popular articles we posted on in 2015

1. Jordan Spieth: Athlete First

Jordan Spieth may be a golf prodigy, but he was never just a one-sport star. Learn how his multi-sport background in baseball, football and basketball helped prepare him for success on the PGA Tour. Read:

2. How To Improve Rotation While Protecting Your Lower Back

Every golfer wants to improve rotation, but often they look to improve it in the wrong places. This by Mike Boyle article discusses why golfers should focus on rotation in the hips, thoracic spine and shoulders, and not the lumbar spine. Read:

3. The Top 6 Physical Attributes of Elite Golfers

According to TPI Certified strength coach Nick Buchan, one of the major roles in working with a golfer is to identify and fix physical limitations that might interfere with their ability to best “acquire” the swing mechanics for them. Many of the top golfers in the world share certain physical attributes.  Here are the top six physical attributes that Nick has noticed in most longer hitters and elite golfers. Read:

4. 5 Key Fundamentals of Golf

What are the key fundamentals to a great golf swing? Is it a straight left arm? A big shoulder turn? A flat left wrist? A stable right leg? Or maybe just a good left hand at impact? Dave Phillips shares the 5 most important attributes that he's observed, from clubface contact to segmental stabilization. Read:

5. How Jordan Does It 

Jordan Spieth was arguably the hottest player in golf in 2015 and will be a favorite at the 2016 Masters, but his swing doesn't get as much credit as it deserves.  Here are some things he does really well according to Dave Phillips (with additional input from TPI Certified Shaun Webb and Golf Digest). Read:

6. The Workout That Powers Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas one of the Tour's longest hitters, despite a small stature.  We asked his TPI Certified trainer Tyler Parsons to talk about his workout and share some of the strategies they employ to prepare his body off the course. Really interesting that Justin had back trouble that was caused by poor hip mobility, extremely common in golfers. Read:

7. 5 Lessons Learned from Training those with Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common injury in golf.  According to some studies, lower back injuries account for roughly 1/3 of all golf injuries. Strength coach Dean Somerset shares his experience and observations from working with athletes who have lower back pain. Read:

8. The 30 Minute Rotary Power Workout from Jason Glass

Want to know how TPI instructor Jason Glass builds power in rotational athletes?  Follow along as Jason takes you through a favorite rotary workout, exercise-by-exercise.  He explains the "why" behind his coaching cues and programming. Read:

9. Brooks Koepka visits TPI with Men's Health and Footjoy

In February, Brooks Koepka visited TPI with Men's Health Magazine to promote FootJoy's new Hyperflex shoe. He discussed the impact that training has had on his game and showed us a few of his favorite workouts. Read:

10. Improving from the Ground Up: How the Function of the Ankle and Foot Influence Your Swing

Did you know that your feet are often overlooked in golf?  Why is the mobility of feet and ankles essential?  We often talk about how ground mechanics can influence power and consistency in the golf swing, but we probably don't spend enough time talking about how the function of our feet and ankles affect so much of what we do in the golf swing. Read:

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