TPI Certified Expert Spotlight: Todd Kolb

With average temperatures of 36° from December to February, one might think South Dakota would be a difficult place to run a successful golf business. Courses are only open a few days each month and, consequently, South Dakota ranks among the lowest in rounds played throughout the winter. Operating a facility that caters to the occasional recreational golfer would be difficult. However, it represents an opportunity when operating a facility that caters to athletes interested in achieving peak performance and long-term goals. Thankfully, TPI Certified Professional Todd Kolb favors the latter.

A golf professional since 1997, Kolb opened up the Todd Kolb Golf Academy in 2000. Kolb built his business around avid golfers seeking elite instruction, maintaining an approach based on long-term individualized training versus providing one-time lessons or tips. When he discovered TPI he not only found a philosophy that complemented his business, but also a curriculum on the cutting edge of golf instruction.

“When I saw what Greg and Dave were doing, I knew it was the future of golf” says Kolb. “I think golfers are comfortable with the idea that better health and fitness will improve their game, but most golfers don’t have a plan. They tend to just wander around the gym. They don’t totally understand the Body-Swing Connection™. TPI has helped coaches like us fill that need.”

A welcomed bi-product of catering to elite athletes was attracting clientele who work on their game year round, not just when the weather is nice.

“The weather in South Dakota makes it almost impossible to play golf in the winter. Normally those would be my quietest months, but because I am able to offer individualized programs that train golfers year round, January and February are now two of my busiest months.”

With almost 20 years of instructional experience and approaching 8,000 individual lessons, the tendency would be to become self-reliant, content, and even lackadaisical. However, Kolb continues to look for ways to grow as a coach and better serve his students. “The number one responsibility I have is to be the best resource I can be for my students.” Since initially becoming certified in 2007, Todd has pursued Level 2 TPI certifications in Biomechanics, Fitness and Junior Coaching. He’s also certified as a K- Vest instructor. In 2008, Kolb was named PGA Teacher of the Year in Minnesota.

“Our strategy has been to offer a team approach for our students. We want them to provide the best golf instruction, the best biomechanics knowledge, the best fitness programs and the best facilities. Nobody can be the best at everything so we’ve found that it’s most effective to build a reliable, cohesive team.”

The team is comprised of TPI Certified Fitness Professional Dick Bartling and the Avera Sports Institute. Through this partnership, students have access to a climate controlled

pressurized dome with hitting bays, 3D video analysis and an indoor golf-specific fitness facility. Bartling and Kolb have collaborated to create the Kinetic Golf Performance program, an individually customized winter-golf program that focuses on elite skill and fitness development. Programs like Kinetic Golf Performance and facilities like the Avera Sports Institute have helped make Bartling and Kolb two of the most sought after coaches in South Dakota.



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