The Bridge with Leg Extension Test

Test Objective for the Bridge w/ Leg Extension Test

The Bridge w/ Leg Extension Test is a great test for stability in the pelvis/lumbar spine/ core, especially the gluteal muscles. Glutes are the kings when it comes to stability and generating power from the ground up. This test will highlight any inhibition or weakness in the glute max due to over-recruitment of synergistic muscles, such as the hamstrings and lower back.

How to Perform the Bridge w/ Leg Extension Test

Start with the golfer supine, knees bent, feet flat, knees and feet together and arms extended out over the chest. Have them lift the pelvis up off the ground. Instruct them to keep the belt line parallel to the floor and try to extend the right leg from the knee. Have them hold this position for ten seconds. It indicates an instability in the glute on the left side if the pelvis on the right side drops or the left leg shakes. It indicates inhibition of the glute and recruitment of the synergistic muscles if the left hamstring or lower back starts to cramp. Repeat the test on the other side. 

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