The Cervical Rotation Test

Test Objective for the Cervical Rotation Test

This test evaluates the amount of available cervical spine rotation and lateral flexion. It is a combination pattern that incorporates side-bending and rotation.

How to Perform the Cervical Rotation Test

To perform the test have the client assume the starting position by standing erect with feet together and toes pointing forward. The client rotates the head as far as possible to the right, then flexes the neck, moving the chin toward the collarbone. Do not allow scapular elevation and protraction. Repeat turning left.

What to look for in the Cervical Rotation Test

  • Make sure the patients’s mouth remains closed throughout all movements.
  • Observe from the front and side.
  • Normal range is touching chin to mid-collar bone bilaterally without pain.
  • Do not coach the movement; simply repeat the instructions if needed.
  • Was there pain?
  • Could the movement be done?

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