The Forearm Rotation (Pronation/Supination) Test

Test Objective for the Wrist Pronation/Supination Test

The Wrist Pronation/Supination Test is an important test to determine the mobility of the wrist and forearm in two specific movement patterns; Pronation and Supination. The ability to both Pronate and Supinate the wrist is imperative for proper set and release of the golf club, as well as power production in the golf swing.

How to Perform the Wrist Pronation/Supination Test

In a standing position, begin test by having the player bend his elbows to 90 degrees with his arms by his sides and his forearms pointing directly in front of them. Next, set your thumbs to point towards the ceiling, and have both palms directly facing one another. Once in this position you will begin the test by trying rotate both hands outwards so that the thumbs roll laterally (Supination). Maintain the setup position with the straight and parallel forearms during the entire Supination portion of the test. Once you gain as much range of motion into the Supination direction, you will begin the second portion of the test which is exactly opposite of the first. With forearms in the straight and parallel position, slowly bring the thumbs back towards the vertical and continue turning inwards as far as you can go, in a medial direction (Pronation). This should give the appearance of giving the “thumbs down”. 

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