The Toe Touch Test

Test Objective for the Toe Touch Test

The Toe Touch Test is a great test for overall mobility in the lower back and hamstrings, plus it can help identify a hip problem versus a lower back/core limitation.

How to Perform a Toe Touch Test

Begin by having the player stand with feet together and toes pointing forward. Have them bend from the hips forward and try to touch the ends of the fingers to the tips of the toes, without bending the knees.

It is imperative to go a step further to differentiate the cause if the client presents with a limitation in the toe touch. Ask the client to perform the same test however this time we will elevate one of the feet slightly with a lift of some sort (phone book, mat etc.). This will cause a slight bend in one knee while the other is straight. Ask the client to bend over and touch the toes. Repeat in the opposite direction.

They have a unilateral hip limitation, not a lower back or hamstring flexibility issue if this test is tough on one side but easy on the other side. Tell the player to go as far as possible without pain and try to keep their knees straight throughout the entire test.

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