The Wrist Flexion Test

Test Objective for the Wrist Flexion Test

The Wrist Flexion Test is a great test to determine if the wrists have enough ability to flex or “bend forward”. This motion is imperative in the golf swing as it affects both the downswing as well as the backswing. Any limitation in Wrist Flexion can cause compensations during both of these portions of the golf swing, which can ultimately lead to poor mechanics, injuries or both.

How to Perform the Wrist Flexion Test

In a standing position, begin test by extending both arms directly out in front of you. Make sure to keep the arms level (parallel) with the ground, and hands approximately at chest height. Form a fist with each hand and have the palms facing the ground about 6-10 inches apart from one another. Next, ask the client to simply bend both fists downward toward the ground while keeping the arms locked and parallel to the level of the ground. 

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