Ball below your feet.

When you get in a situation where the ball is below your feet, like in the video above, there are a few things your need to know. 

1. Due to the fact that the ball is below your feet it is effectively further away from you. Therefore you need to make the club a little longer by gripping toward the end of the club. 

2. Don't bend over more from the waist, this is a tendancy most players have but the slope will put the weight too much on your toes and you will have trouble holding your balance. Place your weight at address more in your heels and flex your knees more, this will help maintain your balance. 

3. Do not sacrifice the flex in your knees as you swing the club back and through, make sure you maintain your knee flex at all costs as this will keep you in balance. 

4. The ball will always want to move to the right for a right handed golfer, so adjust your aim a little more to the left of your target. 

Check out the related exercises to the right of this article to help with your balance and your swing. 

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