Finesse Wedges

When working on your finesse wedges you need a slightly different mindset. Studying 3D of the best players in the world it is evident that there is a specific sequence of motion for finesse wedges that is different from their full swing sequence of motion. 

In a normal full swing sequence, from the top of the backswing to impact their lower body starts the motion, followed by the torso, arms and finally club. This sequence changes with finesse wedges, as they are not trying to produce power so they use a different sequence of motion.  

Firstly on the backswing they don't have much shoulder turn. Imagine playing a game like horseshoes or bocce ball, you would simply swing the arm back and swing it through allowing your body to play a supportive role to the motion of your arm. This is what happens with great finesse wedge players, they use their arms more to control the motion of the club, in fact their sequence of motion from the top of their backswing is lead arm, lower body, torso and club.

This simple drill gives you the correct feel of how to swing your finesse wedges and utilize the bounce of the club to create soft landing pitch shots. 

Follow these steps to do the drill correctly:

1. Simply take the club in your lead hand and grip it midway down the grip. 

2. Place your feet close together and slightly open.

3. Keep your sternum in front of the ball as you swing your lead arm only back and up, with a slight cup in your left wrist.

4. Once you swing the club up, simply let your arm fall back to the ball.

If you can learn to do this drill, then simply add your trail hand and hit some shots with the feeling of using your lead arm only, your trail arm is just along for the ride. 



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