Strengths and Weaknesses

One: Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses when it comes to golf.

I see way too many players spending way too much time and energy trying to become something they will never be.  In other words, figure out what your strengths are in your game and focus the majority of your attention on making that part of your game even better.  If your short game is your secret weapon, than accept the fact that all you need to do is keep the ball in play with your ball striking and your short game should get you under par.  Spend 80 percent of your practice time on fine tuning your putting and short game and then the rest of your time just trying to keep the ball in play.  That is a lot different than spending countless hours trying to become Fred Funk with a driver and neglecting the fact that you have a short game like Brad Faxon.  By focusing on your strengths you can make the best part of your game even better and not neglect your secret weapon!

Two: Focus on your weaknesses, not your strengths when it comes to the gym.

Is it just me, or do all the tight inflexible men lift weights and get tighter, and all the super flexible females take yoga and get more flexible.  I always get a good laugh when I go to the gym and take a yoga class, and the die hard veterans in the class who come three times a week seem like they don’t have any bones left in their bodies.  I mean they are the female contortionist who get into the most ridiculous positions most humans will never feel in their lives.  I laugh because those are the last people in the world who need to be taking a yoga class.  They fit into the category of hypermobile – they usually need strength and stability not more mobility.  You must determine what your weaknesses or limitations are first and then attack them in the gym.  Don’t just perform exercises that you are good at or that you like, they are probably the last ones your body really needs.

The moral of the story is this - Don't Try to Be Something You Are Not and Just Cause You Like It - Doesn't Mean It's Good For You. 

Don't fall into these two traps!

Best of Luck - Dr. Rose


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