Watch Dave Phillips and Lance Gill Analyze a Pro Golfer's Body-Swing Connection

We normally don't post 20 minute unedited videos, but thought this lesson might be of interest to our community.  European Tour player Philip Geerts came by TPI last month for an assessment with Lance Gill and Kayleigh Franklin.  After taking him through a full physical screen, they were joined in the 3D bay by Dave Phillips.

The following video is of Dave, Lance and Kayleigh analyzing Philip's Body-Swing Connection.  It's a good reminder that golfers can play ELITE golf with obvious movement limitations and also that those limitations will often reveal themselves in the golf swing.  Great athletes are often great compensators. 

One of the common themes throughout Philips screen that a lack of stability was affecting mobility or movement patterns.  For example, his Lower Quarter Rotation Test was very limited, but he had greater range of motion when Lance and Kayleigh took him through passive mobility tests.

Look at his Pelvic Rotation Test.  The movement quality is reasonable, but he said it became easier when Kayleigh held his shoulders.

If the Pelvic or Torso Rotation becomes easier with support, stability is limited.

The Body-Swing Connection ultimately boils down to this 45 second explanation from Dave.  Oftentimes when we a golfer has an issue with their swing, they rush to fix their swing, but, ultimately, they don't have a swing issue, they have a physical issue.

One of the most common exercises we're asked is "what is the best exercise for my golf game?"  Our response is that the best exercise is to be screened.  Every athlete has unique movement capabilities that manifest is their swing and need to be addressed independently. 

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