Webb Simpson on Fundamentals and Practice

There has been a lot of research the past few years on practice.  When you go to the driving range it is not about how much time you spend hitting balls, it is the quality of your practice that makes you better. 

It is easy to dump your bucket of balls down on the range and start hitting toward a target, but if you actually took a little time to work on something specific you would find that you would enjoy practice more and actually get better quicker.

Most tour players warm up before they play by working through their golf bag, hitting different shots and getting a feel for how their swing and body are feeling.  It is after the round that they actually do most of their practice.  This is when they work on specific shots that they struggled with on the course that day.  It is hard for most of us to practice after we play due to time commitments etc, but you must find time to actually focus on one or two issues that plague your scores, work on them and then try and create a game like situation on the range and test them.  This is how real learning occurs, in this video with Webb Simpson notice how he talks about his practice sessions and the games that he plays to test his practice. 



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