What is a TPI Certified Professional ?

The TPI certification program was formed in 2005 and has many different tracks.  All TPI certified professionals take the Level one certification class that gives them the tools necessary to identify that your body is the reason you swing the way you do. The class also gives them some basic tools to help fix your problem. After level one the individual chooses their level of expertise and follows two more tracks in their level of expertise to further refine their ability to help the golfer. 

The tracks that are available are: 

Fitness level 2 and 3: This gives the fitness professional the tools necessary to build exercise programs and progressions to build strength, speed, mobility and stability in the golfer.

Medical Level 2 and 3: This track takes the medical professional into advanced screening to pinpoint and create a plan to find and attack injuries, they also learn how to provide rehabilitation for injured golfers of all levels.

Golf Mechanics Level 2 and 3: Designed for the golf professional that wants to improve their dignostic skills and capabilities these classes look into ball flight, club fitting advanced biomechanics of the full swing and shortgame to help develop the golf professional that wants to enhance their ability to help any level of golfer. 

Golf Coaching Level 2 and 3: These advanced coaching classes teach golf professionals how to coach by understanding motor learning and how to create and build practice programs to prepare students for any level of competition.

Power Level 2 and 3: Attended by Fitness, Golf and Medical professionals that are interested in learning how to develop speed and power the correct way. This explores the body, biomechanics and club fitting in order to maximize a students ability to create power. Faculty include five times world long drive champion Jason Zubak.

Junior Coach Level 2 and 3: This class is designed for those individuals seeking to understand the science and research behind children and looks at growth velocity, bio logical age and when and what age juniors should be learning skill and training for power. 

As you can see TPI is truly a university and currently has over 10000 TPI Certified professionals in 57 countries. As of the end of the 2012 golf season, of the top 30 golfers in the world rankings 23 of them were working with TPI Certified teams. If you want to find a TPI Certified Expert to help you with your game, click on the TPI Certified tab and find an expert in your area by simply putting in your zip code. If you want to take your game to the next level, get stronger, injury free and have a better overall golf game, you owe it to yourself to get evaluated by one of the amazing men and women that are TPI Certified. 

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