Dave Phillips Talks Technology on the Coach Glass Podcast

TPI co-founder Dave Phillips joined Jason Glass on the “Coach Glass Podcast” to discuss the latest trends in golf technology.  

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Here’s an overview of the conversation:

1:50 – Dave’s background in golf technology

4:30 – How Dave was introduced to Dr. Greg Rose and how the Body-Swing Connection changed his teaching philosophy

7:10 – The future of golf technology

12:45 – Making sense of new technology

16:20 – Using data responsibly

22:00 – Learning new technology and when to use it

27:45 – Predictions on where technology is headed in golf


Quotes from Dave Phillips:
  • “How can [technology] simplify helping me get a better understanding of something and then how can I pass it along as a coach?” (4:30)
  • “The speed in which you will be able to get information is increasing so rapidly that in the next 2-3 years when they start to roll out 5G networks you're going to be able to get devices to give you data so fast that you’re going to get instant feedback.” (9:20)
  • “I really try to look at new technology with a different approach. I strip it down and ask myself ‘what here can I apply to make golfers better?’” (14:00)
  • “People struggle in getting better because they don’t have feedback devices so if I can use technology that way, now you’re getting feedback without me being there so I know you’re doing it right.” (15:50)
  • “It’s never about you or about the technology. It’s always about them, the student. Technology today can be as useful as it can be dangerous.” (17:10)
  • “What’s key is using technology to simplify the message and not confuse the message.” (23:30)
  • “When somebody challenges TPI or says that we’re wrong, I look at that as an opportunity to convert them and learn from them.” (33:04)


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