Lumo Back

The Lumo Back is a posture sensor and mobile application to help keep your lower back healthy.   Worn around the waist the sensor vibrates when you slouch and reminds you to sit up straight. Using bluetooth it connects to a mobile app that monitors your posture and gives you feedback when you get lazy and slouch. 

It is common knowledge that slouching and poor sitting posture can lead to lower back problems, tight hip flexors and can even effect you neck as well.  In the golf swing poor posture has a huge effect on your ability to rotate and swing the golf club efficiently.  A device like this may in the future be useable for sports applications, coaches could set you in the correct posture and a device like this could then monitor how well you stay in posture throughout your golf swing. 

Due to the smart phones and the minaturization of sensors, the future holds tremendous potential for devices like this to really help golfers play better golf and have less injuries due to poor mechanics. 

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