Dan Hellman

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Dan Hellman

Dan Hellman is a licensed physical therapist and accomplished health and fitness professional who is also one of the na6on’s most respected experts on golf fitness. He did his graduate work in physical therapy in an osteopathic environment, which fueled a life-long quest to understand the way the systems of the human body work together for performance, healing and well-being.

He applies that knowledge to his work with golfers and was named one of Golf Fitness magazine’s “50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals in America” at the end of 2017. Dan has combined his love of the sport with his in-depth understanding of the human body’s limits, potential and movements to develop Golf Body Pro. This program helps golfers at all levels play bePer by conditioning the body for the demands of the golf swing or adapting to physical limitations that may affect the swing. He has helped golfers from youth level to the top players on the PGA Tour.

Dan is the owner of H3 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - a center that offers a well-rounded approach to fitness and provides professional education and training to fitness professionals. Before establishing H3, he practiced physical therapy in several outpatient orthopedic centers specializing in sports medicine and spine rehabilitation.

Dan is a past senior faculty member of the prestigious C.H.E.K Institute, which educates fitness and healthcare professionals in a uniquely integrated and holistic approach to health, fitness and well-being. He has traveled North America and the world teaching personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths the C.H.E.K philosophy.

Trained in both traditional and manual physical therapy, Dan has also studied extensively under pioneering French osteopath Guy VOYER and is qualified to teach VOYER’s Soma method. Soma stresses that training — whether for performance, rehabilitation or maintenance—must begin with an understanding of how the en6re body moves and does its work.

After graduating from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. degree in athletic training, Dan earned his M.S. in physical therapy at Des Moines University, formerly the University of Osteopathic Medicine and the Health Sciences.

Dan has personal clients around the world, including in Kuwait, Trinidad, India, Bahamas, Barbados, Europe and Canada. His moPo - - BePer Body. BePer Golf.

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