Kyle Kiesel

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Kyle Kiesel

Dr. Kiesel is an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Evansville. He conducts research related to core function and functional movement testing related to athletic performance and injury prediction. He also conducts research in the use of ultrasound imaging for patients with low back pain. He serves as a consultant for professional, college, and high school sports teams. He has extensive experience teaching lecture and lab courses emphasizing core training and functional movement assessment and intervention including both the FMS and the SFMA. He has authored several articles and a book chapter on these topics. He has 12 peer-reviewed publications and presented numerous abstracts and invited speaking engagements nationally and internationally. He serves as a manuscript reviewer for 6 different peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Kiesel is engaged in patient care in orthopedics and sports at ProRehab in Evansville, Indiana where he serves as Director of Evidence-Based Practice.

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