Michele M. Desser

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Michele M. Desser

Michele M. Desser, ATC CGFI-MP3 JR2 FP2

Michele Desser is a Certified Athletic Trainer for the National Athletic Trainers Association. She comes from a strong background of injury prevention, rehabilitation, movement assessment and performance training. Michele is a Graston Certified Therapist and uses this skillset to help her clients achieve optimal mobility and stability patterns of movement. Along with her background in the medical field, Michele specializes in junior development through a comprehensive Long Term Athletic Development model used by multiple nations around the world. Her belief is simply to build an athlete before you begin to specialize into a singular sport for the juniors. This premise is then all wrapped into the main goal of having fun with all of her juniors.

Michele serves as a speaker and consultant to the SFMA brand. She effectively coordinates all of their seminars and travels internationally, speaking at Selected Functional Movement Assessment lectures. Her ability to deliver movement assessment methodologies has earned her a growing respect around the globe in the arena of movement assessment. Michele’s duties at SFMA include; lecturing, scheduling events, coordinating teams, research and development with the SFMA advisory board, along with her own research in her studio and clinic.

Michele currently owns her own business and spends much of her time seeing individual clients at a studio in Carlsbad, Ca. Her training sessions are very focused and individualized to her clients’ goals, needs, and abilities. Michele prides herself on building lasting relationships with her client as any true change will take hard work and effort. Michele has quickly become one of the most successful trainers on the west coast specializing in her niche markets. Her expertise in the areas of Junior’s, Movement Assessment and Correction, Pain Modulation, Strength Development, Speed Development and Golf Training has quickly made her a highly valued commodity.

Michele also serves as the training and movement assessment practitioner for the TPI Experience Team at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside Ca. Michele helps work with the TPI Team to create and develop world class golf performance programs for all attendees at the institute. Her ability to interact and deliver a product that is second to none has earned her accolades across the globe. Alongside the TPI Experiences, Michele also works with tour players that come through the Titleist Performance Institute. Her skillset has been very effective at helping touring professionals at all levels and tours achieve the best possible results for their venue of play. Michele has been very active in the TPI system as well, certified in the arenas of Junior Development (JC2), Medical Professional (MP2 and MP3) as well as the Fitness Professional field (FP2). Her contributions to the TPI team and system have been used in multiple tracks and can be seen all over the advanced website that TPI has created. Michele earned her Bachelors of Science from University at Buffalo. Email : Phone: 814-746-9656

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